Pre-Pharmacy Program


o become a pharmacist, you must earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and pass the national licensure examination. Before you can pursue a Pharm.D., you must complete three years of pre-pharmacy course work. The University of Mississippi's pre-pharmacy curriculum fosters mastery of the practical and theoretical knowledge and analytical and communications skills needed for admission to today's Pharm.D. programs, one of many reasons completing your pre-pharmacy requirements at the University of Mississippi may be the right prescription for your future.

How can I jump-start my pharmacy career?

If you think you want to become a pharmacist, you should take as much high school laboratory science (biology, chemistry and physics) and mathematics as you can. Next, you must complete three years of pre-pharmacy (pre-professional) courses, which may be taken at a community college, the University of Mississippi or another four-year college or university, or a combination of these options.

What pre-pharmacy courses do I need to take?

UM Course RequiredCredit
Writing I (English Composition I)WRIT 1013
Writing II (English Composition II)WRIT 102 3
Speech SPCH 102/1053
Calculus IMATH 2613
Chemistry I CHEM 105, 1154
Chemistry II CHEM 106, 1164
Biology IBISC 160, 1614
Biology IIBISC 162, 1634
Statistics MATH 1153
MicroeconomicsECON 2023
Organic Chemistry ICHEM 221, 2254
Organic Chemistry IICHEM 222, 2264
Physics I PHYS 213, 2234
Physics IIPHYS 214, 2244
Social SciencesSee elective choices6
Humanities and Fine Arts See elective choices9
Bioethics (Biomedical Ethics)PHAD 395 or PHIL 3283
Biochemistry PHCL 343 or CHEM 4733
Physiology (Human Physiology)PHCL 344 or BISC 3304
Medical Microbiology PHCG 321 3
Cell and Molecular Biology BISC 372 3
Immunology BISC 4143
Genetics BISC 3364
patient care

Elective choices

Social or Behavioral SciencesHumanitiesFine Arts*
Anthropology 101 Classics 101, 102, 206 Art (any)
African American Studies 170, 201, 202English (any) Art History (any)
Economics (not 202)Gender Studies 201 Music 103, 104
Journalism 101Modern Languages (any) Theatre Arts 201
Political Science 101History 101, 102, 105, 106, 160, 180Dance (any)
Psychology 201Southern Studies 101 
Sociology 101 Religion 101 
Social Work (any)Philosophy 101, 103 

What do I do next?

Once you have completed your pre-pharmacy requirements, you must complete four years of professional pharmacy course work to earn a Pharm.D. At the University of Mississippi, students who complete the pre-pharmacy program and first year of the professional curriculum receive a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (B.S.P.S.) degree.



You may apply for admission to the professional program of the UM School of Pharmacy while completing your pre-professional courses. To be eligible, you must take the Pharmacy College Admission Test, or PCAT within the calendar year in which you apply. For example, a candidate applying for admission in November 2013 to begin in the fall of 2014 would have taken the PCAT during the 2013 calendar year prior to the application deadline. Applications must be submitted online by November 1 for admission the following August. Composite admission scores are based on the chart, opposite.

For more information about admission, call us at 662-915-7996 or visit our website at

Why should I complete my pre-pharmacy courses at UM?

Although you may take required pre-pharmacy (pre-professional) courses at a community college, four-year college or university other than UM, you will find advantages in taking these courses at Ole Miss:

  • During the competitive admission process, applicants who achieve a minimal 2.75 on required pre-professional courses and who complete all of their required pre-professional courses at Ole Miss receive a 0.4 bonus to their admission score.
  • Non-Mississippi residents who complete all of their pre-professional courses at Ole Miss are considered Mississippi residents for admission purposes.
  • Pre-pharmacy students are advised by School of Pharmacy faculty.
  • Tutors are provided at no additional cost for all pre-professional required science courses and calculus.

Big university benefits

Pre-pharmacy and B.S.P.S. students take classes on UM's main campus in Oxford, one of the best college towns in America. Our students experience an amazing number of visual and performing arts events year-round. It's why Oxford and Ole Miss have been dubbed the "cultural arts Mecca of the new South."

Highly affordable

A University of Mississippi education is ranked as one of America's Best College Buys by Forbes magazine. With our tuition among the country's lowest and many of our programs among the nation's finest (e.g., Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College), our students often say Ole Miss provides a private education at a public school price.

Remarkable involvement

UM's more than 200 student organizations provide ample opportunities to get involved in philanthropic, recreational and professional activities and to develop leadership, communications and teamwork skills.

Safest campus

Our Oxford campus was recently ranked in the top 10 safest campuses in the nation.

Student and professor engaging in conversation

Read a dozen more reasons why studying pharmacy at Ole Miss is the right prescription for your future.


The University of Mississippi is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and its Doctor of Pharmacy program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

The School of Pharmacy was fully reaccredited in 2012 by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

Pass rates and graduation

The pass rate on the national licensure examination for the 2012 graduating class was 98.97 percent, and 84 percent of the entering professional class in August 2008 graduated with their Pharm.D. degree prior to September 2012.

Campus visits

One of the best ways to find out what the University of Mississippi and its School of Pharmacy have to offer is to visit our campus. To schedule your visit to experience Ole Miss firsthand, call the admissions office at 662-915-7226 anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or go to We would be happy to show you personally why the UM School of Pharmacy is the right prescription for your future.


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