The University of Mississippi
School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacology

Financial Assistance

The following types of positions are available through the Department for the employment of graduate students.

Graduate Teaching Assistant:

This is an appointment to serve as a proctor for a laboratory or discussion session, or as a grader. A teaching assistant is not responsible for assignment of final grades in a course.

Graduate Research Assistant:

This appointment is made by an academic department, research institute, orfaculty member (having a funded research project) to a student to assist in performing various types of research activities.


Academic Qualifications:

To be eligible to receive any of the above graduate assistantships, a student must be admitted as a full standing student in a graduate program within the University. The student must be enrolled, during the semesters in which the appointment is in effect.

English Language Requirements:

Students for whom English is not their native language will be required to fulfill both the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score requirement for admission into the graduate school and the TSE (Test of Spoken Language) or SPEAK (institutional test of spoken English) score requirements for appointment to a teaching position. The minimum requirements for the TOEFL, TSE or SPEAK examinations are to be determined by the Graduate School; individual departments may require higher scores for their appointments.