The University of Mississippi
School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacology

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Asok Dasmahapatra - Use of fish models to study molecular mechanisms of ethanol-induced birth defects and to develop compounds that protect against these birth defects.

Dr. Mark T. Hamann - Marine natural products research.

Dr. John C. Matthews - Biochemistry and pharmacology of ion channels in excitable tissues; glutamatergic and stress related basis of dementia; neurodegenerative diseases of the aged, environmental toxicolgy.

Dr. Chris R. McCurdy - Synthesis and characterization of novel ligands for kappa and other opioid receptor subtypes.

Dr. David B. Murray - Current topics of study in my lab: Investigating the symmetry between diabetic cardiomyopathy and heart failure by determining: 1) the changes in myocardial scaffolding components (i.e. total collagen and collagen type, and cross-linking of collagen fibers that comprise the extracellular part of tissue that provides structural support to the cells, 2) the role of autocrine and paracrine signaling messengers in regulating cell-cell as well as cell-tissue scaffolding matrix interaction (specifically, cardiac mast cells and ventricular fibroblasts) in myocardial remodeling, and 3) the mechanism of action for several anti-inflammation therapies (cyclo-oxygnease inhibitors, anti-diabetic agents and endo- cannabinoids) in preventing adverse ventricular remodeling in hypertensive, diabetic, and heart failure patients.

Dr. Karen E. Sabol - Effects of methamphetamine on behavior, body temperature and neurochemistry.

Dr. Zia Shariat-Madar - Prolylcarboxypeptidase (PRCP)and plasma kallikrein kinin system (KKS), at the molecular protein, cellular, and animal levels. PRCP pharmacology and its role in blood pressure regulation and inflammation.

Dr. Kenneth J. Sufka - Neurochemical substrates of chronic pain; validation of novel animal models and paradigms; models of anxiolytic assessment; models of analgesic assessment.

Dr. Babu Tekwani - Molecular cloning and functional characterization of potential target genes and development of target-based assays for in vitro screening and new antiparasitic drug discovery.

Dr. Anthony Verlangieri - General toxicology; biochemistry of atherogenesis and vascular effects of diabetes; cytoprotective actions of vitamins C & E.

Dr. Kristine L. Willett - Environmental Toxicology Research Program, Toxicity of environmental contaminants of aquatic and marine organisms and characterization of the role of cytochrome 1B1 in cancer sensitivity.

Dr. Marvin C. Wilson - Psychopharmacology of medicinal compounds.


The Department of Pharmacology also has close associations between the programs within the department and programs in the departments of

Biology, Exercise Science, Medicinal Chemistry, and the
Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.