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Dr. Ziaeddin Shariat-Madar Dr. Ziaeddin Shariat-Madar
Graduate Program Coordinator
Faser Hall 309
School of Pharmacy
The University of Mississippi
University, Mississippi 38677
(662) 915-5150 (Ofc)
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Pharmacology and Toxicology involve aspects of the action and interaction of drugs, chemicals and physical agents with biological systems and their constituent parts. This includes topics ranging from understanding the mechanisms of action of therapeutic and hazardous substances to the preservation and protection of health and the environment. The continuous growth and expansion of these fields has created new and exciting career opportunities in research and education. Many positions are available in academia, industry, research institutes, and governmental agencies.

The division requirements reflect a flexible, research-oriented program designed to develop the interest, capabilities and potential of all participating students. Graduate students in this department have received B.S./B.A. degrees usually in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, psychology, toxicology, pharmacy, or related disciplines. The department is committed to maintaining an ethnic and gender-balanced student body. Furthermore, the faculty-student ratio is suitable to permit a maximum of personal and informal contact among members of the department and collaborating faculty, and the individual student. Course work and seminars are arranged to provide the student with a divisified background in the theories and techniques of contemporary research.