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School of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacognosy

Department of Pharmacognosy Seminars

All departmental seminars take place on Tuesdays at 3:30pm in NPC Room 2066 unless otherwise noted

*Denotes Graduate Student Presentation

**Denotes change of date, time, or venue

Click here to view seminar schedule for Fall 2013

  • 8/27-Dr. Yu-Dong Zhou (Professor at the Department of Pharmacognosy) "Organizational Meeting

  • 9/3 - Dr. Daneel Ferreira (Chair, Department of Pharmacognosy) "Concise Scientific Writing"

  • 9/10 - Dr. Yu-Dong Zhou (Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy) "Discovery of Natural Products that Regulate Oxygen Homeostasis"

  • 9/17 - No meeting

  • 9/24 -Dr. Marc Slattery (Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy) "Mesophotic Coral Reefs [MCRs]: What are they and why do we care?

  • **10/3- 3:00 PM - Dr. Lena Gerwick (UCSD) - Honaucins A-C, Potent Inhibitors of Eukaryotic Inflammation and Bacterial Quorum Sensing: Structure – Activity Relationships

  • **10/4- 11:00 AM - Gertrude Ford Center - Dr. William H. Gerwick (UCSD) - Searching the Seas for New Pharmaceutical Leads: Integrating Analytical, Synthetic and Genetic Approaches

    2013 Coy W. Waller Distinguished Lecturer

  • 10/15-Dr. Ameeta Agarwal (NCNPR,UM) "Identifying the Mechanism of Action Antifungal Natural Products using Genomic and Genetic Strategies"

  • *10/22-Mr. Adam Keasling - "Drug Discovery that Targets Breast Cancer Stem Cells"

  • *10/29-Mr. Daniel Cox - "Natural Products as Molecular Probes for Stress Granules"

  • *11/05-Mr. Vimal Sharma - "New Drugs for Metastatic Breast Cancer"

  • 11/12- Dr. Taosheng Chen (St. Jude Children's Rsearch Hospital) TBA

  • 11/19- NO SEMINAR

  • 11/26-NO SEMINAR - Thanksgiving

  • 12/3-TBA