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Department of Pharmacognosy

Research Scientists & Postdoctoral Research Associates

    Staff Directory

    Person's Name

    Sridevi Ankisetty

    Associate Research Scientist

    Research Group: Marc Slattery

    Isolation and structural elucidation of bioactive marine natural products using chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques. Isolation and identification of proteins using SYNAPT HDMS.

    Person's Name

    Fakhri Mahdi

    R & D Biologist

    Research Group of: Dale G. Nagle & Yu-Dong Zhou

    Screening and characterization of natural product and pure compounds to regulate Hypoxia induced factor (HIF) activities in different mammalian cell line using cellular and molecular biology methods.


    Person's Name

    Prabhakar Reddy Polepally

    Postdoctoral Research Associate

    Research Group of: Jordan Zjawiony

    Dr. Reddy received his Master of Science in organic chemistry from Osmania University, India, and received his Ph.D degree from Acharya Nagarjuna University (work done at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology) India. Currently he is working for NIH sponsored project on synthesis of Salvinorin A analogs to Kappa Opioid Receptors (KOR) and it's related analgesic studies. His Research mainly focuses on isolation, semi-synthesis, purification and characterization of bioactive natural products from medicinal plants and synthesis of new derivatives for bioactive lead natural products.