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School of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacognosy

Fellowships & Scholarships

Research Assistantships

The department has a limited number of research assistantships available. The research assistantship will grant a full waiver of tuition and non-resident fees (if applicable), as well as paying a small stipend. The amount of the stipend will vary according to various factors including, but not limited to, funds available and your academic record.

Funding for Research Assistantships is provided by:

  • Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RIPS)
  • Grants from Government Agencies
  • Grants from Private Enterprise
  • The Graduate School


While the department currently has no scholarships available, we are committed to helping our students to apply for the numerous scolarships and awards that are out there. The Graduate School offers links to external agencies. More information about Financial Assistance can be found here.

Personal Funds

Students who have their own funding are accepted if they meet the requirements set forth by the GraduateSchool, theSchool of Pharmacy, and the Department. If you have your own funding, be sure to complete the Financial Affadvit with your application, and contact the department to let us know you have your own funds. Please remember that providing your own funding does not ensure entrance into the program.