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School of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacognosy

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Background

Since Pharmacognosy involves both chemistry and biology, the ideal applicant will have a solid background in chemistry and biology. A BS/MS degree in pharmacy, chemistry, biology, chemical engineering, microbiology, chemical ecology, structural biology, or molecular/cell biology is most desireable. If you have any questions, please contact us!


Tests Required


International Applicants whose native language is not English are required by the Graduate School to demonstrate proficiency in English. This requirement cannot be waived under any circumstances.

The department would like to see a TOEFL (IBT) Score of 100 or greater, or an IELTS Score of 7 or greater. A lower score might be acceptable under certain conditions.


GRE (Graduate Record Exam)

All Applicants

The Department of Pharmacognosy only accepts the Graduate Record Exam. While there is no minimum requirement for the GRE set forth by the Graduate School, an applicant should have a minimum total score of 1000 in order to be considered competitive with the other applicants. This figure should only be used as a guideline.


Other Supporting Materials

All Applicants

The Department of Pharmacognosy requires 3 letters of recommendation and a statement of personal goals. A Resume or Curriculum Vita is also required. The Graduate School's online application process now allows one to upload the personal statement of goals and resume/curriculum vita. You can also list the name and contact information of each person who will be making their recommenation, and they will be automatically contacted via e-mail with instructions for submitting their recommendation.


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