The University of Mississippi
School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Administration

Thesis Projects


Shah, Ruchitbhai - Community Pharmacists' Attitudes Toward an Expanded Class of Nonprescription Drugs, 2013


Dharmarajan, Sai - Case-Mix Adjustment of Adherence Based Pharmacy Quality Indicator Scores, 2011

Joshi, Namita - Factors Affecting Community Pharmacy Owners' Attitudes toward and Likelihood to Adopt RxSync Service, 2011

Lokhandwala, Tasneem - Do statins improve outcomes in patients with asthma on inhaled corticosteroid therapy? A retrospective analysis of the Mississippi Medicaid database 2002-2004, 2011

Oko-Osi, Hafiz - Market Response to FDA Safety Warnings: A Case Study Using an Interrupted Time Series Analysis of the Medicare Database for 2006-2008, 2011

Padwal, Tushar - An Examination of Factors Influencing the Program Choice of Graduate Students in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2011

Shahpurwala, Zainab - Pharmacy-level Quality Measures and the Consumer: Preferences and Attitudes, 2011

Verma, Sumit - The Strategic Value Driver Model: A Methodology For Examining Value Drivers For A New Pharmaceutical Product In Diabetes, 2011

Athavale, Amod - The Measurement of Pharmacy Loyalty and its Use in the Development of Marketing Strategies for the RxSync Service™, 2010

Basak, Ram Sankar - Willingness to Influence Indication-Based Off-Label Prescribing: An Investigation of Hospital Pharmacies, 2010

Jariwala, Krutika - Factors that Physicians Find Encouraging and Discouraging about Electronic Prescribing: A Quantitative Study, December, 2010


Null, Kyle - Consumer Acceptance of Health-Related Technologies:  Incorporating Perceived Health Risk into the Technology Acceptance Model, 2010

Thumula, Vennela - Type 2 Diabetes in Children: Estimates of Epidemiology, Quality of Care, Costs and Resource Utilization in a Medicaid Population, 2010

Torres, Leonardo - Pharmacists' Rating of Relevance of Available Information in Deciding the Validity of Opioid Medication Prescriptions, 2010

Schwab, Philip- Cigarette Sales in Pharmacy: An Examination of the Relationship Value of Customers Who Purchase Cigarettes in Retail Pharmacies, 2009

Gopal, Gayatri- Examining the Influence of Perceived Risk, Perceived Variability, and Confidence on Consumers Intentions to Seek OTC Medication Advice from Health Professionals, 2007

Bunniran, Su- Examining Attributions of Blame and Consumer Trust Following Market Withdrawal of a Pharmaceutical Product, 2006

Jalnawala, Nekshan- A Study of the Influence of Detail Message Characteristics on Physicians’ Beliefs about Medications and Credibility, 2005

Paul, Doug- Pharmaceutical Marketers’ Perceptions of the Benefits and Drivers of the First-Mover Advantage in Pharmaceutical Markets: An Exploratory Study, 2005

Sadasivan, Ravi- The Effect of Visual Images in Printed Direct-toConsumer Advertising of Prescriotion Medications on External Information Search, 2005

Lobb, William-The Effect of a School of Origin Variable on the Traditional Predictors and Prediction of Undergraduate Pharmacy Students’ Academic Performance, 2004

Shah, Mansi-Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on the Quality of the Patient-Physician  Relationship, 2003

Arntson, Kornkanok-Determinants of Influence: An Investigation of Pharmacist Activity in the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, 2002

Thompson, James Blake-College Preparation for Pharmaceutical Sales Careers, 2001

Sewak, Saurabh S.-Cybermarketing of Pharmaceuticals: A Case for Style Over Substance?, 2000

Kaisare, Vivek-An Exploratory Investigation of the Potential for Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in the Type 2 Diabetes Market, 1999

Bonnarens, Joseph Keith-Determining the Level of Patient Care Specialty Service Development and Entrepreneurial Characteristics Present in Independent Community Pharmacy, 1999

West, Donna Sue-Information Technologies in Community Pharmacy Practice, 1997

Bouldin, Alicia Corrine Sanders-Pharmacists’ Perceptions of Herbal Medicines: A Descriptive Study, 1996

Bentley, John Paul-A Study of the Feasibility of the Utilization of Health Related Quality of Life Instruments in the Community Pharmacy Settings, 1996

Chukkapalli, Ram Mohan-Consumer Self-Medication Behavior: the Influence of Different Factors on Consumer’s Purchase Decisions in the Selection of OTC Analgesics, 1995

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