The University of Mississippi
School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Administration

Dissertation Projects

Lokhandwala, Tasneem - Impact of Time-Varying and Time-Invariant Measures of Adherence to Secondary Prevention Therapies Post-Acute Myocardial Infarction: An Application of Marginal Structural Models (MSMs), 2013.

Barnard, Marie - The Potential for Screening for Interpersonal Violence in Community Pharmacies: An Exploratory Study, May, 2012.

Basak, Ram Sankar - Concurrent Adherence to Multiple Chronic Disease Medications: Examining the Behavior and Issues Concerning its Measurement, 2013.

Bunniran, Su - Patient Service Experiences in Community Pharmacy: an examination of health criticality in service failures and service recovery incidents and its influence on trust, satisfaction, repurchase intentions, and word-of-mouth, 2010.

Bynum, Leigh Ann - The Relationship Between Psychological Contract Breach, Professional Identity, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Among Pharmacy Faculty: An Equity Sensitivity Perspective, 2011.

Datar, Manasi - Predictors of Use of Hydroxyurea and Its Impact on Clinical and Economic Outcomes among Children with Sickle Cell Disease, Spring, 2014.

Null, Kyle - Development and Comparative Predictive Validity of an Outpatient Medication Exposure Measure for Risk Adjustment Using Retrospective Claims Data, July, 2012.

Paul, Doug - Effects of Off-Label Prescribing on Patient Decision Making, 2012.

Thumula, Vennela - An Evaluation of Medicaid Programs Using Medication Use-Related Quality Measures, 2012.

Holmes, Erin R.- The Role of Emotional Dissonance as an Affective State on the Emotional Labor Process of Retail Chain Pharmacists, 2008.

King, Sean R.- The Influence of Symbols on the Recall of Pharmacy-Generated Medication Information in a Low Health Literate Population, 2008.

Lobb, William B.-Patients’ Decision Making in a Multi-Tier Co-Payment Environment, 2007.

Patel, Amit S.-Antecedents of Consumers’ Intentions Regarding the Purchase of Prescription Drugs via the Internet: An Examination of Two Different “Unlawful” Consumer Behaviors, 2007.

Shah-Patel, Mansi A.- Corporate Advertising in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2007.

Bonnarens, Joe Keith- Measuring the Presence of the Service Profit Chain and its Impact in Independent Community Pharmacy, 2003.

Thompson, Blake- A Conjoint Analysis of Selection Criteria Used in the Screening Phase of Pharmaceutical Sales Selection, 2003.

Sewak, Saurabh S.-Building Effective Pharmaceutical Product Websites: Assessing Media and Interactivity Effects in Pharmaceutical Promotion, 2002.

Reisetter, Brian C. -Relationship Between Psychosocial Physician Differences and Physician Price Awareness, 2002.

West, Donna Sue- A Conceptualization of the Trust Formation Process and Investigation of the Trustworthiness of Community Pharmacists Using a Practical Reasoning Framework, 1999.

Bouldin, Alicia Corinne Sanders - Information Search and Preference in the Decision to Use Herbal Supplements, 1999.

Bentley, John Paul- An Examination of Consumer Judgments of the Level of Inherent Burden Associated with the Medication Consumption Experience and Generated by Features of Drug Therapy, 1998.

Blackwell, Steven A. -An Empirical Examination of Customer Loyalty, 1998.

Poovala, Sai(Shaun) Prasanth- Segmentation of Managed Health Care Plans Based on Initial Pos-Introduction Longitudinal Utilization Levels of New Medications: An Exploratory Investigation, 1997.

Kolassa, Eugene Micheal Jr.-Hospital Pharmacy Directors and Competing Optima: An Evaluation of the Importance of Cost-Effectiveness Versus Acquisition Price, 1995.

Freeman,  Judy K.- Optimizing the Provision of Student Health Services in Southeastern Universities: A Maximum Difference Conjoint Analytic Approach Using Best-Worst Scaling, 1995.

McCaffrey, David John  III- Initial Noncompliance: The Definition and Description of the Unclaimed Prescription Phenomenon in Community Pharmacy.  A National Unclaimed Prescription Audit Pilot, 1995.

Basara, Lisa Ruby-The Impact of Direct -to- Consumer Advertising of Prescription Medications on New Prescription Volume and Consumer Information Search Behavior, 1995.

Monk-Tutor, Mary R.-Factors Influencing the Diffusion of a Health Care Innovation: Adoption of Home Infusion Therapy Services by Community Pharmacists, 1993.

Jernigan, James Martin-An Examination of Factors Associated with Anithypertensive Prescribing Patterns and the Adoption of New Antihypertensives by a Sample of Physicians, 1991.

Portner, Tracy S.-Factors Influencing College Students’ Selection of a Source of Information About OTC Medications, 1991.

Murphy, Masako Nagasawa, Promotion Strategies and the Boston Consulting Group Product Portfolio in the Ethical Pharmaceutical Industry, 1991.

Aiken, Margaret Marx-Individual Determinants of Prescription Drug Use Among Noninstitutionalized Elderly: A Path Analytic Study of the 1980 National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey, 1991.

Payne, Kattie B.- The Development and Evaluation of an Adverse Drug Event Risk Profile for Hospitalized Patients Taking Cardiovascular Drugs, 1990.

White, Linda S.- Functional Analysis of Birth Certificate Data Collection Procedures in Mississippi Hospitals, 1990

For dissertation titles prior to 1990, please see Deparment History page. .