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School of Pharmacy Division of Medicinal Chemistry

Frequently asked questions

Q:  When is my application evaluated?

A:  Your application is evaluated after you have completed an OFFICIAL and COMPLETE application with the graduate school.  Unless ALL items have been received by the graduate school, your application will not be forwarded to our Department of Medicinal Chemistry for review.  The department usually begins review of applications after a nominal number of applications are received.  

Q:  How is my application evaluated?  I had good grades and scores, and yet, my application was denied for admission?

A:  We receive a relatively large number of applications each year for our graduate degree program.  Our admission rate into the Medicinal Chemistry program is less than 10%.  We evaluate multiple criteria for admission, which include grade point average, GRE scores, TOEFL (for international students), eduational background (courses, program of study), statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, research background (experience, publications in peer-reviewed journals), potential for success in our degree program, and future research interests.  Sometimes, applicants will be strong in some areas and weak in others.  Also, you have to realize that we reject some of our best applicants, even if they meet all aspects of the criteria listed above.  This is simply due to lack of space and dollars available.  

Q:  What are the minimum GRE or TOEFL scores required for admission?

There is no minimum GRE score or TOEFL score required for admission.  However, you must take the GRE exam (general) in order to be considered as an applicant to our graduate program (and TOEFL for international students).  

Most of our applicants that are admitted to our graduate degree program generally have GRE scores (V + Q) between 1050-1250. International students verbal score is generally competitive if greater than 400, particularly when coupled with a 4.0 on the analytical writing score (out of 6.0).  

Q:  Can I apply for Spring admission?

A:  It is advised you check with the graduate coordinator prior to applying for Spring admission.  If  the department has accepted a large Fall admisssion group, we generally will not accept students in the Spring semester, and will resume application review for the following Fall semester.  We don't want applicants to waste time and money, particularly if we are not accepting students in Spring semesters.

Q:  Can I send my credentials by email, to get an idea of my chances for admission?

A:  You are not prohibited from doing this, but we cannot evaluate any of your credentials until an OFFICIAL and COMPLETE application is sent to the graduate school.   Many applicants will send an email describing their background and desire to apply, and also include scores and data.  You must apply first; then we evalute your credentials.

Q:  All of my application material is complete.  Why haven't I heard from your department about my admission status?

A:  We send all of our decisions concerning admission back to the Graduate School.  If your application was denied for admission, they will send an official letter to you directly.  If your application has been accepted, you will be contacted both by the graduate school and by our deparment with an official letter denoting the terms of the offer.

Q:   Does your department offer stipend support?

A:  All of our students admitted to our Ph.D. program are offered a full stipend and full tuition waiver for up to 5 years. We do not accept students without financially supporting them as a department.  This is one of the reasons our admission rate is low; all students accepted recieve full stipend support (teaching or research assistantship).

Q:  Do I have to fill out a special form to apply for financial assistance?  

A.  No.  There are no additional forms required to apply for financial assistance.

Q:  I wish to send my letters of recommendation in the same package along with other items.  Can I do this ?

A:   Letters of recommendation, in order to be certified as credible, should NOT be included with your other application information (statement of purpose).  Your evaluation  letters must be prepared by your evalutor on official university letterhead (no photocopies), in a sealed AND singed envelope (back of envelope).   Letters simply attached to your application are not acceptable.  The best practice is to have your evaluator send the letter DIRECTLY to our department, using the above criteria.  You should also make sure your evaluator's phone and/or email address are included, in order for us to contact him/her if we need additional information.  The UM letter of recommendation form (PDF format) should be used in addition to a formal letter, and can be found on the vertical menu bar under "Application Deadline and Procedures".


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